Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Buying in bulk

Bulk-buying. It's a simple concept really, but I cannot stress enough how much money you will save by buying your food and sundry items in bulk. Let's start out by saying OMG COSTCO! Sam's Club works the same way. But the main idea is to go ahead and buy those things in bulk that you will always need, such as toilet tisse, cleaning supplies, and cereal.
What you are aiming for is a lower "price per unit". For example, I buy ground beef in bulk. I get it at Costco, where it is cheaper per pound than in grocery stores, and the quality of the meat is quite high. When I get the meat home, I separate it into one-pound ziploc bags and stack it in my freezer. I also buy cereal and green tea in bulk, since I will always want it, and again, I get it cheaper by the unit when I buy those huge boxes at Costco.
But you do not have to go to Costco and Sam's Club to get bulk prices. You can find paper towels at Wal-Mart and dog food at Target, just to name a few. Just look at the shelf labels at the price per unit in order to quickly find out if you will save in the long run.

Besides meat, cereal, tea and paper towels, some other items you might consider buying in bulk are: toilet tissue, aluminum foil, ketchup (and other condiments), dry pasta, rice, sugar, flour, canned vegetables, vitamins, contact lens solution, shampoo, bath soap, and toothpaste.

Remember you can separate the large boxes of goods into manageable packets when you get home, and it sure will be nice not to have to buy toilet tissue again this Friday!

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